About Us

Bixby Chiropractic specializes in helping you live pain-free by finding and treating the cause of your pain, including lower or upper back pain. Possibly you suffer from neck pain and headaches?  The root cause is often within the spine, spinal column, and nerve network which controls nearly all of the body's functions, including its ability to fight off disease.

At Bixby Chiropractic we will use only proven, progressive, chiropractic and physical therapy methods like spinal adjustments, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, acupuncture, state of the art massage chairs, and functional rehabilitation exercises. We check for and treat a variety of neuromuscular conditions like herniated disc, bulging disc, internally deranged disc (torn or leaky disc), low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, migraine headaches, leg pain and arm/hand numbness to name a few. We look for the CAUSE of your pain and headaches, like improper exercise techniques, emotional or physical stress, poor posture, or poor workplace ergonomics. In fact, we pride ourselves on solving problems that others couldn't.

Call or visit our Bixby office for an examination and chiropractic consultation with Dr. Michael Johnson. We will do our best to give you same day service, handle the insurance paperwork, and arrange payment terms - with a smile.

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